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We Accept Dental Insurance Plans in Bradenton

Employers are increasingly offering dental insurance along with medical insurance. Just like medical insurance, dental insurance promotes good health through preventative care. Employers may negotiate plan options for employees, depending on how much they wish to subsidize the insurance. When you find a dentist in Bradenton by insurance, you will notice that our practice accepts several plans from the same insurance company, each usually requiring a co-pay from patients, sometimes for the same service.

How Do I Locate a Dentist Near Me Who Accepts My Insurance?

When you begin searching for a, “dentist near me who accepts my insurance,” look for a dental practice near your work or your home, whichever is more convenient. At our dental office, we are the preferred partner of multiple dental insurance companies that operate in the community. Depending on the type of insurance that you have, you may need a dentist that accepts HMO insurance or a dentist that accepts PPO insurance. When you need to find a dentist in Bradenton by insurance type, call our office for more information.

What Are My Dental Plans Benefits?

If you don’t understand your dental plan coverage and limitations, call your insurance company and tell them, “I want to know how to use my dental insurance with a dentist in Bradenton.” We suggest asking the following questions to understand the most from your insurance company.

Is there a maximum benefit per year? It may be possible to plan your dental work so that you get the maximum coverage.

Does my dental insurance have a de facto clause? Some plans will not pay to replace a missing tooth unless you lose the tooth while covered by the plan.

Does my dental insurance cover upgraded materials? For example, find out if your insurance will pay for tooth-colored composite fillings, or only for metal fillings. Typically, you can pay the difference yourself.

Will my dental insurance cover a root canal? Generally, dental insurance companies may cover root canals, but you might expect to pay a higher deductible than preventative care services.

Does my dental insurance have a waiting period? You may have to wait before having any expensive work done.

Our dental team will answer your questions and help you get the maximum coverage by working closely with you and your insurance provider. If you have any work done, aside from preventative care, you may have out-of-pocket expenses. If you need help with these expenses, we offer financing options.

We’re Here to Help You Navigate Your Dental Insurance

Our dental team is available, once you have discovered, “Which dentist takes my insurance?” and “What is covered?” Our dentist that takes insurance will work with you by explaining which of the options he or she recommends will be covered by insurance. We can help clarify what is covered; call us today for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Dental Insurance Plans

We accept most insurance plans and will be happy to help you understand the coverage that you have.

We will do our best to see that you receive your maximum insurance benefits for all covered services. No Insurance? No Worries! See our discounts and offers here.

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They are awesome
Joe B.
Great staff love the new DOC
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Courtesy, professionalism and just plain nice people
Charlene A.
Excellent service, totally professional, accommodating, and very friendly staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone who “hates” going to the dentist. Dr. Fagin is totally “TOP SHELF” all […]
Steven W.
Received excellent advice from Rosa and her associatesl
Neal P.
Yes i seen Dr.Fagin for some dental work and i must say that i am very pleased with the way he treat his patients and his work . And the staff is very friendly an helpful . THANKS
Shawanda W.
I’ve been seeing Rosa since I was in high school. This office has always been so friendly and knowledgeable. I had to bring my son to my appointment today and Jackie and Rosa were so good with him. […]
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I have never had a bad visit.
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Great staff
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Friendly staff, knowledge, patient care
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Professional and friendly staff; always discuss items thoroughly.
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Professional, caring and thorough! Explained proceedure
Jean B.
The staff keeps me coming back… Feel like family :)
Jeff S.
Best staff ever
Luz A.
I thought you had caring personnel who made me comfortable.
Jay H.
I love this dentist office!! They are super friendly, humorous and thorough. I dont think ive ever enjoyed a cleaning until I came here. Rosa was fast and efficient and offered lots of advice!
Kristin H.
Everybody is friendly and it seems like the staff is happy and stays with the office and they are very capable.
Lorraine P.
Great office very nice people
Brian M.
Everything went well.
June S.
Rosa is caring and meticulous. Reception desk team are second to none.
Moustapha G.
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