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Activities to Make Kids Smile

Everyone likes to smile! Scientists have found that purposely making yourself smile can reduce stress, improve your mood and genuinely make you feel better. Laughing also helps reduce stress, and when combined with smiling can help calm your nerves as well as boost your mood. Below are some games and ideas to get kids grinning!

Make Someone Laugh

Here are some game ideas to play with your friends and family to make each other smile. First, try sitting in a circle and choose one person to start- you could decide based on age by picking the oldest or the youngest to go first. There are a couple different ways you can play:

  • Game 1: Have the person who was selected to go first crack their biggest, silliest smile at everyone around the circle. They will be rewarded 1 point for every person who can’t keep a straight face. After getting their points they can “pass” the smile to someone else in the circle to go next, and so on. Whoever causes the most laughter wins!
  • Game 2: All players in the circle must yell “ha!” to each other with a straight face. The first player says one “ha” while every player after adds an additional “ha” onto the previous. For example, the fourth player would yell “hahahaha”. Players who laugh or cannot keep a straight face must leave the circle until there is one final player left who will be declared the winner.
  • Game 3: The first player must go around the circle trying their hardest to make the other players laugh with funny faces or dances. Whichever player laughs first is then “it” and must try to make the remaining players in the circle laugh, and so on.
  • Game 4: The storytelling game is a great way to make others laugh. Each player goes around the circle contributing four words to the story. Make sure to clearly state if a sentence is over and be sure to not use the same words more than once. Once you get going it should read something like this: Player One: Once upon a time Player Two: there was a castle Player Three: where a family of

There are a lot of great reasons to smile! Try making a chart or poster with your family and friends to find out what makes them smile. Singing songs and creating art are also great ways to improve your mood. Here are some more activities for having fun.

Jokes Galore

Smile Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

Silly Songs

When You’re Smiling Song

ZOOM Games

Silly Facts and Trivia

DIY Emoji Craft

Smiley Face Game

Silly Jokes

Epic Emoji-Themed Crafts

Fun Games for Kids

Silly Party Games


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